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Citizens' Elections Oversight Committee

The mission of the Citizens' Elections Oversight Committee (CEOC) is to help King County maintain public confidence in elections. The CEOC makes recommendations to the Council to improve the performance of the Department of Elections, and helps ensure that accountability and performance of the Department of Elections is provided in a transparent manner that is meaningful to the residents of King County.

Ordinance 15453 and Ordinance 17273 created the current CEOC. Appointments to the CEOC are made by the Council Employment and Administration Committee and are subject to confirmation by Full Council. The committee must include members representing the following:

  • One representative from a nonpartisan organization active in King County that evaluates candidates and ballot measures, such as the Municipal League
  • One representative from a nonpartisan organization active in King County that provides elections information to the public, such as the League of Women Voters
  • One representative from the Office of the Washington Secretary of State
  • One jurisdictional representative (junior taxing district or a city with a population under 20,000)
  • One representative from the Disability community
  • One representative from the Chinese-speaking community
  • One representative from the Vietnamese-speaking community
  • One representative from the King County Republican Party
  • One representative from the King County Democratic Party
  • One representative from the Spanish-speaking community
  • One representative from the Korean-speaking community
  • One representative from an academic institution who has knowledge of elections
  • One representative who has experience in technology
  • One representative from a nonpartisan organization in King County that promotes equality and the advancement of blacks or African Americans, such as the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
  • Two registered King County voters

Members should have but are not limited to: (1) Working knowledge of local or state government elections operations and management, demography, technology and organizational management, (2) a strong commitment to an accountable, transparent, well-managed and efficient elections operation in King County, and (3) a willingness to commit the time necessary to attend committee meetings and activities.

Members should not hold elective public office or be a candidate for election to public office, other than as a precinct committee officer. With the exception of ex office members – members shall serve three year terms.

Opportunity to Serve

Several positions on the King County Citizens’ Elections Oversight Committee (CEOC) are currently open for nominations and appointments. Persons interested in serving on this volunteer committee should download the application and position description for more details, and for instructions on how to submit an application.

Download the position description (89KB)

Download the application (39KB)

The CEOC is a 16-member committee of volunteers, who have interest or expertise in elections. The CEOC is charged with conducting oversight of election-related matters, and reporting to the King County Council its observations, findings and recommendations through an annual report. The following positions are open for application:

  • One representative from the Vietnamese speaking community. The term of this position ends in December 2023.  The Council may appoint the successful candidate to complete the current term as well as serve for an additional term of three years.
  • One representative from the disability community

The committee is meeting virtually until further notice. Prior to the pandemic, the Committee met at the Elections headquarters building, 919 Southwest Grady Way, Renton, WA. The Committee meets roughly seven times per year on the third Wednesday of the month.