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Online records search

Online records search

Search our free online database of King County's official records

Most documents recorded on or after August 1, 1991 are available online. Documents that were recorded prior to August 1, 1991 are on microfilm and are only available from the King County Archives. If you do not find a marriage license on our site, you may want to check Washington State Digital Archives.

Search results are based on the indexing standards used at the time the document was recorded and indexing standards change over time. If you do not find a document on your first try, please adjust your search criteria. Results load one page at a time to ensure the fastest response time, so any sorting or filtering you do on one page of results need to be re-applied to each page of results you view.

Review our frequently asked questions for a list of document types that are not viewable online.

First time searching?

We highly recommend reviewing the tips and videos below to make your search quicker and more successful.

Are you in the right place?

For birth or death records, visit King County Vital Records

For court and divorce records, visit King County Superior Court

For parcel information, visit King County's Parcel Viewer

For property tax information, visit Treasury Operations

To search statewide land boundary information, visit Washington State Department of Natural Resources Public Land Survey Office

How to search for recorded documents

Our Landmark Records Search system allows you to search by name, document type, book and page number, consideration (selling price), parcel ID, recording date, recording number, legal description, or Torrens.

  1. Click the green "Start Search" button.

  2. Click the icon for the type of search you want.
    • Search by Name: Enter last name comma first name, "Doe, John". Tutorial video

    • Search by Parcel: Enter the first ten digits in the "Parcel ID" field next to the "Starts With" field. Searching by parcel ID will only pull up recorded documents from 1997 to current. If you do not know the parcel ID, first visit the King County Assessor's Parcel Viewer to obtain the parcel ID by searching for the property address. Tutorial video

    • To search for surveys, plats, and condos, select the Legal search: After selecting the "legal" option from the Home search page, on the following screen click "Advanced Legal" on the left-side menu. Tutorial video

  3. To view the data and image of a document from your search results, click on the document line item of your choice. This will bring up the document details along with the image.

Tip: You may see the terms "grantor" and "grantee" used in our system - a grantor is the giving party, while a grantee is the receiving party.

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