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Services and resource directory

Access and Outreach program
Connecting you to medical providers, health insurance options, and many essential services from food and energy assistance, to breast cancer and dental care options.

Birth control and sexual health
Learn more about our birth control and sexual health clinics including FLASH Lesson plans for schools, and resources for providers.

Black Community Equity Team
Learn about our work to confront the longstanding, systemic health inequities experienced by the Black community living in King County.

Children's health services
Learn more about our wide range of children’s health services.

Community Health Worker Asthma Program
Helping children and adults have more days without asthma symptoms, fewer emergency room visits, fewer missed days at school or work, and better quality of life.

Dental clinics and other resources
Learn more about our dental clinics and resources to promote good oral health.

Emergency Medical Services
Medic One/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is standing by to help you 24 hours a day with a system that provides a continuum of care that assures every patient the emergency medical attention they need.

Emergency preparedness
Learn how to keep yourself and your community safe during and after and emergency.

Food insecurity screening
Resources and trainings for health care providers to help end food insecurity in our communities.

Health insurance
Learn about how to enroll in health insurance options in King County.

Health services for the homeless
Working to improve the health of people living homeless through a continuum of activities ranging from system change to health promotion to treatment.

Community and provider resources for getting vaccinated in King County.

Public Health Centers
Explore our public health centers including locations and services.

Pregnancy and infant support services
A collection of services including WIC, the Family Ways program, maternity support and Nurse-Family Partnership.

Resources for child care facilities
Supporting child care and early learning programs by promoting health and safety practices with its team of nurse, mental health, nutrition, and education consultants.

School health
School-based health centers offer a comprehensive scope of services including asthma care, immunizations, family planning, and mental health counseling.

Teen health
Public Health teen clinics provide a safe, friendly, confidential place for teens to get the help they need and learn the facts. All services free or low cost. Guys and girls up to their 21st birthday are welcome at Teen Clinics.

Asthma resources for parents, providers and educators.

Cancer resources
The program connects adults with diagnostic services and treatment and work to improve access to services, especially for people who face additional hardships to getting health care.

COVID-19 information and resources
Learn how you can protect against COVID-19.

Foodborne illness outbreaks
View King County food borne illness outbreaks and state and national outbreaks with reported King County cases.

Information and resources about Hepatitis in King County.

HIV and STIs
The HIV/STI/HCV Program offers services and resources to decrease new infections and help those living with HIV, STIs, and HCV lead healthier lives.

Learn where and how to get immunizations in King County, including information for health care providers.

Influenza (flu)
Information and resources on influenza (flu) in King County including when and how to get a flu shot.

The Public Health Laboratory assists in the prevention of disease spread by identifying patients and environmental samples which carry organisms that are potentially harmful.

Lead and Toxics Program
Learn what you can do to protect your and your family's health from the lead and arsenic pollutants

Information and resources on Mpox in King County, including vaccination resources.

Provider resources
Information for health care providers including health advisories, disease report requirements, and infection control guidelines and resources.

Tuberculosis (TB)
Where to get a TB test for school or work, reporting requirements for health providers, and annual TB reports and data summaries.

Zoonotic diseases
Pet and animal related business permits, animals to human disease facts, and resources for veterinarians.

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Food safety
Find information about food workers cards, business licenses, foodborne illness outbreaks, restaurant inspection records, and food safety information.

Healthy communities
Learn about our community services and resources.

Healthy water, air, and soil
Learn how to protect and maintain healthy environmental conditions, including topics like lead and arsenic, indoor air quality, and mold.

On-site sewage systems (OSS)
Find installation and maintenance information, resources for owners, and certifications for septic professionals.

Online services portal
Submit or check the status of permits, applications, and complaints.

Personal preparedness
View guidelines on what you should do during public health emergencies and other dangers.

Pet businesses
Find permits and rules for pet boarding, pet daycares, and shops where pets are sold.

Plumbing and gas piping
Find permits, inspections, plan review, and codes.

Rats and mice
Find tips on how to keep rodents away and how to clean up after them, and how to submit a rodent complaint.

Waste disposal
Learn about biomedical and solid waste disposal, and how to report illegal dumping.

Water recreation program
Access swimming pool and spa permits, guidelines, and resources.

Learn how to prevent communicable disease and illness associated with drinking water.

Learn how to prevent and control zoonotic diseases.

Food protection program
Find information about food workers cards, business licenses, foodborne illness outbreaks, restaurant inspection records, and food safety information.

Foodborne illnesses
View King County food borne illness outbreaks and state and national outbreaks with reported King County cases.

Food business resources
Resources and information for food businesses in King County.

Restaurant safety ratings
Search restaurant safety ratings in King County.

Emergency preparedness
Resources and information for emergency preparedness including guidelines, plans, and volunteer opportunities.

We work with communities, partners, and priority populations to reduce marijuana initiation among King County youth by ensuring that all youth have the information and tools they need to make healthy decisions about marijuana.

Overdose prevention and response
Learn how we address the overdose epidemic by working with partners to prevent overdoses, increasing access to evidence-based treatment, and providing harm reduction services.

Preventing firearm injuries and deaths
Learn how we address firearm injuries and deaths by working with firearm owners and communities affected by gun violence to understand how and when firearms are used unsafely, raise public awareness of firearm safety practices, and develop and evaluate upstream evidence-based prevention programs.

Preventing window falls
Safety tips to prevent falls from windows and keep children safe.

Regional Gun Violence
The Regional Approach to Gun Violence seeks to prevent and eliminate gun violence and ensure equitable health outcomes for all by providing life-affirming care and resources to the individuals and families who are most impacted by unjust systems.

Suicide prevention
Resources for preventing suicide including crisis hotlines.

Tobacco and vapor prevention
Learn how we promote healthy people and communities through effective cessation efforts, and prevent tobacco use, nicotine addiction, and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Traffic safety
Find information and resources to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Water safety
Help keep waters in our region safe and fun by practicing simple safety tips. Find information and resources on water safety, including swimming, boating, and rivers.

Data and reports
Explore our data intended to help our community better understand and respond to diseases, threats, and underlying conditions impacting our health.

About Public Health – Seattle & King County
Learn about Public Health - Seattle & King County, how to view public records, file a complaint, or contact the media team and Public Information Officer.

Board of Health
Learn about the King County Board of Health, meeting records and agendas, and health codes.

News releases from Public Health – Seattle & King County.

The Office of Equity and Community Partnerships
See the goals and principles used by the Office of Equity and Community Partnerships to address the root causes of health inequities, including systemic racism.

Working with Public Health
Find Public Health – Seattle & King County job and funding opportunities and contract information.