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On your way to school or heading home after? There's no need to go it alone! Metro SchoolPool connects students and families looking to travel together. Whether you're driving, biking or walking, join a SchoolPool for a shared commute today.




Split driving costs and save.


Reduce your carbon footprint and traffic around the Sound.


Exercise and have fun.

How to sign up with a school

In partnership with cities and school districts, SchoolPool can help you coordinate a shared trip to and from school, by walking, biking or carpooling with others.

  • Research

    Contact your school administrator or call Metro Rideshare Services to see if your school is connected to the SchoolPool network.

  • Sign up

    Find your School at

  • Add a SchoolPool trip

    Enter your trip details-including the name of your SchoolPooler-and select "Find matches".

  • Make contact

    Email your best matches to set up a SchoolPool commute!


Attending Kentlake high or Lakeside ?

Then you are eligible for King County Metro’s SchoolPool’s Rideshare pilot program.

Kentlake High School - Letter to Parents | Kentlake High School - FAQ
Lakeside School - Letter to Parents | Lakeside School - FAQ

Schools and parents

Share and print activities, templates and other resources to help promote SchoolPool at your school.

Kickoff event toolkits

Use our free toolkits to help plan a SchoolPool kickoff event at your school! Available to anyone, each kit below includes:

  • An event guide to support preparation and implementation (English)
  • Customizable posters to share the event news of the event around school (English)
  • Flyers to share event information with families (English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, and Russian)
  • A digital promotions package, including newsletter and social media content (English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, and Russian)
  • Safety tip sheets for adults and students (English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, and Russian)
  • Extra event-specific materials such as yard signs and banners (translations vary by flagship event)

SEPTEMBER | Back to School Traffic Safety Campaign

Encourage people driving near schools to slow down, pay attention and watch out for kids.

Download Toolkit


OCTOBER | Walk & Roll to School Day

Celebrate getting active for the school commute, while reducing traffic congestion and emissions around schools.

Download Toolkit


FEBRUARY | Winter Walk & Roll to School Day

Motivate families to practice safety skills and enjoy being active outside, even during winter.

Download Toolkit


FEBRUARY | Cocoa for Carpools

Inspire families to carpool in creative and fun ways.

Download Toolkit


MAY | Bike to School Day

Celebrate spring and motivate families to bike, scoot, skate and walk to school.

Download Toolkit


Safe Routes to School Toolkit

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs support families choosing to walk, roll, bike and carpool to school. SRTS activities help cut traffic congestion and make it easier and more fun for families to share the trip to school. Use King County Metro’s Safe Routes to School toolkit and resources to get started.

Download the Full Toolkit


Related materials

Brochure, Safety Tip Sheets, Equity Tip Sheet, Helmet Fit Sheet, Bike Worksheets, Punch Cards, Transportation Pledge and Banners

Download Collateral Materials Toolkit

Brochure,  Safety Tip Sheets, Equity Tip Sheet, Banner:

Download Collateral Materials Toolkit - Spanish

Download Collateral Materials Toolkit - Chinese

Download Collateral Materials Toolkit - Russian


SchooPool Guides

Guidance on equity and accessibility is also provided to support you in making these activities and programs more inclusive. Download these King County SchoolPool guides to get a specific program or event started:

  • Traffic Safety Campaign Guide & Materials
  • Walk & Roll to School Day Event Guide
  • Walking School Bus Guide
  • Park & Walk Guide
  • Bike Rodeo Event Guide
  • Bike Fairy Guide

Download Guides


SchoolPool Activity Book

Learn how to be a walking, rolling, busing and carpooling role model with this fun activity book.

Download the Activity Book

Coalition-Building Guidebook

Create, implement and sustain a team of engaged volunteers to lead local SRTS effort.

Download the Coalition-Building Guidebook


School Transportation Hub Guidebook

A School Transportation Hub can help the whole family get to and from where they need to go (including school!) more efficiently and sustainably.

Download Transportation Hub - Guidebook

schoolpool transportation-hub Handout

School Transportation Hub Handout

SchoolPool programs can make getting to and from school fun, active and easy with your student.

Download Transportation Hub - Handout

KC Green Team logo

Green Teams

Classrooms or other school groups can form Green Teams and create environmental projects, such as carpool promotion in their communities or recycling programs at their school.

Learn more about Green Teams

Additional video resources for schools

SchoolPool: Confluence 2020 - Video 

Third annual SchoolPool Confluence video shares helpful tips to support the transportation needs of schools and students.

Encouraging Active and shared school travel - Video

Staffs of King County and Kirkland share their SchoolPool experiences and learn more about the program. 

Sharing the Tips using - Video

Rideshareonline expert sharing tips on how to use for SchoolPool.

Walking to school programs - Video

How to promote walking to school to students and families through programs like the Walking School Bus and the Park & Walk program.

School sustainability activities for Earth Month and beyond - Video

The King County Green Schools program and SchoolPool offer tools and activities to increase sustainability efforts at your school for Earth Month and beyond. Use the 2 programs together to reduce waste and promote environmentally-friendly habits.

Bike with Students Now and Later (part 1 of 2) - video

The SchoolPool team was joined by Cascade Bicycle Club's education director to discuss ways to educate and engage families and students to bike safely.

Bike with Students Now and Later (part 2 of 2) - video

Celebrate bike to school month. Discuss ways to plan for inclusive bike, walk and roll encouragement activities involve families regardless of if students have a bike or not.

Participating Cities