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Metro's Leadership Team (MLT) works together to align goals, objectives and expectations to achieve Metro's vision and mission. This includes developing the biennial department budget, managing enterprise initiatives and operational policies, and communicating decisions within Metro's divisions.

Michelle Allison

General Manager

Oversees all of Metro, the Puget Sound region's largest public transportation agency and the country’s seventh largest transit agency; Metro provides bus, vanpool, and water taxi services, and operates Seattle Streetcar, Sound Transit Link light rail, and Sound Transit Express bus service.

Manages efforts to build a world-class, innovative mobility system for our region that creates healthier neighborhoods, a sustainable environment, and a thriving economy for everyone.

Meet Michelle Allison

Ernest Kandilige

Deputy General Manager

Enables Metro’s operating divisions—Bus Operations, Vehicle Maintenance, Transit Facilities, Rail, and Marine—to efficiently and effectively provide mobility to the region and deliver on Metro’s Long Game.

Develops leaders within the operating divisions and cultivates partnerships with labor and other internal stakeholders to meet the needs of employees and riders today and in the future.

Meet Ernest Kandilige

DeAnna Martin

Chief of Staff

Supports the General Manager and Deputy General Manager to convene and coordinate key policy and strategic issues facing the agency and work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure positive interaction between Metro and the community it serves.

Stewards internal and external relations; partnerships, government relations, and community engagement; employee communications and engagement; and strategic communications and brand management.

Phil DeVault

Bus Operators Director

Provides safe, dependable service 24/7 and 365 days a year on over 200 routes, nine of which are operated for Sound Transit. Demonstrates courtesy and respect for customers, employees, and our community.

David Eldred

Chief Administrative Officer

Provides strategic planning insights including financial health assessments, assisting in agency goal setting, and collaborating on program implementation. Oversees resource allocation, evaluates performance, and implements strategies to ensure the seamless operation of Metro’s enterprise-wide services.

Mark Ellerbrook

Capital Division Director

Get things built and reduce the time to deliver Metro’s capital projects and deliver at twice the rate—thereby ensuring we have the infrastructure necessary to meet our service delivery and sustainability goals.

Terry Federer

Marine Division Director

Provides safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally sound, customer-friendly, and fiscally responsible passenger-only Water Taxi services from downtown Seattle to Vashon Island and West Seattle.

Rebecca Frankhouser

Safety, Security and Quality Assurance Division Director

Continuously improves Metro’s safety culture and security practices in order to best protect Metro employees and the communities we serve from unintentional and intentional harm.

Ade Franklin

Transit Facilities Division Director

Maintains Metro’s fixed assets, including buildings, transit facilities such as park and rides, 7,412 bus stops, radio and electric systems, 70 miles of two-way overhead trolley wire infrastructure, and the Pier 50 passenger ferry facility.

Transit Facilities is consistently reducing energy consumption by upgrading and replacing aging equipment and increasing operational efficiencies advancing Metro’s sustainability goals.

Kendall Hodson

Acting Assistant General Manager of Employee Services

Partners with leadership to build a highly motivated and high-performing workforce, create and support a culture of respect and collaboration, recognize high performance, and promote employee health and well-being.

Evan Inkster

Rail Division Director

Operates and maintains both Sound Transit’s Link light-rail system and the City of Seattle’s streetcar service complimenting Metro’s robust fixed-route system and other mobility services.

Together, Metro and Sound Transit, are working to build an integrated system that lets people travel farther, faster, and with greater ease.

Jeannie Miller

Assistant General Manager of Finance and Administration

Provides consistent and cross-functional enterprise-wide support services to advance achievement of Metro’s strategies and targets through evidence-based management and decisions, aligning technology, asset management, financial and administrative services with strategic objectives to support transit service delivery.

Chris O’Claire

Mobility Division Director

Ensures that customers can easily access and use Metro’s transportation services, pay their fare, and utilize the region’s system of public transit options.

Understand our customers’ needs to plan and develop the best possible public mobility network.

Manage the delivery of services that complement Metro’s bus network and integrate all modes of transportation, to deliver more equitable life outcomes through mobility.

Chris Parrott

Vehicle Maintenance Division Director

Provides customers with safe, dependable, and clean transportation in a timely, cost-effective, environmentally sensitive manner by overseeing the daily operations of Metro’s seven bases and non-revenue vehicles and by providing critical support to fixed-route operations.

De’Sean Quinn

Assistant General Manager for Strategy and Partnerships

Strategically aligns with Metro’s Equity, Inclusion and Belonging team with Organization Health and Equal Employment Opportunity efforts to deliver on a long-standing vision to become a racially just department and improve the lives of our workforce and communities most impacted by transportation equity.

Meet De'Sean Quinn